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Back in 2016, MyDx was featured as a “must have” product by Cannainsider for our affordable and portable cannabis chemical analyzer.

Then in 2017, MyDx was featured on HBO’s “Vice,” with founder Daniel Yazbeck in season 2, episode 4.

Now, in 2018, we are debuting our most innovative and revolutionary product yet.

MyDx is going light years past just analyzing your cannabis. We have cultivated the most extensive database of user-submitted feedback on emotions, feelings, types of high, and effects of more strains of marijuana than anyone else in the world.

We now have the technology and science to create a custom formulation of cannabis oil for anything.

If your company wants to produce and sell cannabis oil which specifically targets helping patients with insomnia, joint pain, nausea, anxiety, or any other ailment, MyDx has the science and technology to create a new formula just for you.

Through the MyDx360 service, we develop branded formulas and truly bridge the gap between customers and your company by having real-time feedback from your users to continuously hone in on the right recipe.

And the best part?

Your company gets to have their own branded cannabis oil formula to sell on your platforms, along with our revolutionary new ECOSmartPen vaporizer.

The ECOSmartPen is a state-of-the-art technology with best of its kind features, including a childproof safety lock, dosage trackers and reminders, chemical profile of the formula they’re using, and connects via Bluetooth.

Users can track their usage, what effects they are feeling, and provide feedback on how they feel and how many doses it took to get relief.

As a MyDx corporate partner, YOU get access to our internationally-lauded database – giving you the ability to customize and refine your formulations to fit your customers’ needs.

As you may know, vaporizers are the highest-grossing market in the cannabis industry, and new companies are popping up daily across the world. How will you differentiate yourself and stand out?

By having industry-leading science and technology behind you as you launch your own branded cannabis oil targeting specific issues your customers crave relief from!

At MyDx, our mission is to allow people to trust and verify what they put into their minds and bodies.

Let us put YOUR customer’s minds and bodies at ease with MyDx360 and ECOSmartPen.

To learn more about the MyDx360 service and put your company years ahead of the competition, click here.

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