Identifying ‘green Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients™’ (gAPI™) and corresponding formulations

Development and
Clinical Validation

MyDx plans to work with third party customers to license crowdsourced formulated chemical profiles that are expected to address a specific “relief” desired using its own proprietary formulas derived from our extensive dataset and algorithms.

MyDx plans to develop internal Contract Research Organization (CRO) capabilities and Services that will offer MyDx and third parties an affordable platform to validate formulated cannabis therapeutics that are expected to address specific specific ailment relief in a clinical settings.

Our studies are carried out by licensed medical practitioners and research investigators and will follow recommended clinical trial guidelines.

Given that certain classes of gAPI’s such hemp derived CBD and terpenes might offer “relief” without the “high” THC provides, MyDx intends to partner with leaders in the industry to offer branded products without THC, akin to a “virgin” cocktail, if it finds that these formulations offer the benefits desired and the legal framework to sell them is viable.

Sale of green Active
Pharmaceutical Ingredients

This division will also look to provide an organic source of extracted green Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (gAPI™), such as a predefined terpene formulation, for consumer and industrial use.

“The ability to gather therapeutic data on a worldwide scale by tracking what people are consuming based on a chemical profile and what ailment it is helping them relieve is a benchmark that I believe will become a gold standard that will change the way we study and formulate drugs in the future” — Daniel Yazbeck, CEO

Power of Data
Product Development

With our proprietary data-set, we’re be able to develop and validate custom chemical formulations for third party manufactures.


Are molecules that target receptors found throughout the body providing relief to an array of symptoms including pain, nausea, and inflammation


Are important to the overall cannabis experience, influencing a strain’s taste and smell and compounding the effects of cannabinoids on the body

Delivery Mechanisms

  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Drinks
  • Pills
  • Body Creams
  • Pen
  • Tinctures

Ongoing Trials

STAGE 1 We are in the process of entering Stage 1 clinical trials to investigate safety and proper dose ranges of formulated product candidates in a small number of human subjects.

MyDx Privacy Pledge to Patients

MyDx respects patients and customers and takes the protection of their privacy very seriously.

We therefore make the following pledge:

MyDx does not and will not sell or rent patient information to marketing companies or mailing list brokers.

MyDx is careful to only collect and/or use personal identifiable information for the purposes stated in our Privacy Authorization for our Patient Support Programs and as necessary to provide the services and/or programs the patient or customer chooses to enroll into.

MyDx practices are consistent with federal and state privacy laws.

MyDx program enrollment is voluntary and always provides patients with an easy option to cancel participation.

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