Top 10 User Submitted Cannabis Therapeutic Effects based on a MyDx Tested Sample’s Chemical Profile

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MyDx Top 10 Cannabis Ailements and Supporting Communities

Top 10 Tracked Cannabis Therapies

Pain is the number one sought after therapy by the CannaDx Community. Approximately 43% of the people testing and tracking a specific cannabis chemical profile for relief are doing so to help treat their Pain. Approximately 28% are seeking cannabis chemical profiles for Anxiety and Depression, 18% for Migraines, 15% for Nausea, 14% for PTSD, 13% for Bipolar Disorder, 12% for Anorexia, 11% for ADD/ADHD, and 6% for Arthritis.

Top 10 Patient Communities to Support Cannabis Therapeutics

Although Ulcers and Crones Disease represent less than 2.5% of the crowdsourced ailments being tracked by our community of users combined, it is interesting to note that over 93% of CannaDx users who are seeking a chemical profile as relief for those ailments are sharing their findings with the rest of the community.  In comparison, the patient community support is not as strong for Pain, where only about 20% of the population engages the CannaDx community with their findings.   In general, we have found that depending on the nature of the disease, the more niche the patient community, the more users are willing to help other people identify the ideal chemical profile to treat their specific ailment.

Finding a Chemical Profile that Works for You

In a recent article referenced in Forbes entitled Cannabis Lab Testing Is The Industry’s Dirty Little Secret, the challenge of testing, tracking and finding the right chemical profile to meet a patient’s needs becomes even more compounded when one faces the reality that not all labs are created equal, and even if they were, not all branded samples named ‘Blue Dream’ have similar chemical profiles.  This creates a serious problem when people think they are buying a consistent cannabis product based on its name, which at this point in the developing market, means very little.

“We are finally getting to heart of what aliments people are tracking and more importantly, what unique chemicals profiles are helping them find relief”, stated Daniel Yazbeck, Chief Executive Officer of MyDx. “By mining this HIPPA Compliant Data, we are now identifying the specific green Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (gAPI) that can be derived from cannabis, as well as the dosage of each ingredient that should go into a formulation so it can be tailored for a specific therapy.  This information not only supports an active engaged community, but also provides the basis for our Company to partner, sell and supply smart devices and formulations to the various communities we service so they can benefit from tailored cannabis therapies that meet their specific needs”.

As more data is accumulated and as formulations become validated, MyDx intends to commercialize those remedies and have them more readily available for mass consumption.

To Learn More about Cannabis Testing, MyDx Technology, and the Science of Cannabis 2.0, please download the MyDx White Paper.

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