Data Analytics

The MyDx Dataset
Pre-Clinical Chemical Analysis
and Patient Feedback Ecosystem.

MyDx has a dataset of 40,000+ datapoints that leverage four classes of data and algorithms:

User Data:

When users download the CannaDx mobile app, we may ask them put in personal details such as gender, location, height, weight, age etc. that we maintain while complying with HIPAA.

Chemical Composition Data:

This information is sourced from a number of inputs including the CannaDx Handheld’s Total Canna Profile (TCP), partner laboratories analyses, and branded pre-tested concentrates and edibles.

User Feedback:

Provided by users in our CannaDx mobile app as they try various products and record their experiences with those products.

Usage Statistics:

We will capture type, frequency, dosage, ailments relieved, and side effects.

MyDx plans to leverage this data, which combined is referred to as the Canna Benefit Factor ™ (CBF), combined with our proprietary algorithms, to develop key insights into user behavior based on unique chemical profiles. Our goal is to track how a specific sample is expected to help relieve certain ailments and to validate the results.

Power of Algorithms

Analytical Insights and Recommendations

Our proprietary algorithms are used to develop key insights into user behavior and chemical profiles:

Provides exact chemical compositions for a feeling or relief

Predicts how a strain will make you feel or what ailment it will relieve

Offers recommendations based on usage, feelings desired or ailments alleviated and adjusts according to personal feedback

Behavioral Statistics

The MyDx Data Report

Interpretation of MyDx Crowdsourced Data


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May 2017


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