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Did you know you can use the MyDx One phone and tablet app for free without buying anything?

You know by now that the MyDx app works in conjunction with our best-selling CannaDx cannabis analyzer, a portable testing device created to analyze individual cannabis strains and give you a Total Canna Profile showing the specific chemical profile and allowing you to verify before you ingest.

What you may not know is that the MyDx One app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store as a stand-alone tool, too! You can use it in your daily life while navigating and finding the medicinal cannabis which works best for you.

MyDx One offers individual consumers the ability to detect chemicals in the things they consume every day and track how those chemicals make you feel and what they help to relieve, so you can find the food, water, air, and cannabis strain that works for you specifically.

As a cannabis user, the MyDx application allows you to maintain a journal of your experiences with many different strains and types of cannabis.

The app has our CannaDx database, allowing you to discover the profiles of different cannabis strains and how they work, how they affect ailments and symptoms and see other people’s experience with those strains. MyDx has the world’s largest database of user-provided information for how cannabis strains from around the world have affected them.

Then use the personal tracking journal to input how the strains you use make you feel and whether or not they relieve your symptoms. As you add information and save it, the personalized smart algorithm in the app will be able to give you suggestions on what strains may work best for you.

Use the CannaDx recommendation engine to search for the specific symptoms you want to relieve to see the most popular strains in the world both by ailment and the feelings and potential side effects of each strain.

You can also import the strains you’ve used into the database to add to our ever-growing global list of strains and effects. Help others know what the expect by letting them know what you experienced.

Once you have researched cannabis strains and identified the one you want, the MyDx app has a mapping feature to locate that strain at a dispensary near you, making it easier than ever to get exactly what you need.

As you continue to learn more about different cannabis strains and what you experience, you may want the CannaDx cannabis analyzer to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

MyDx makes it easier for you to be completely informed and get the exact results you’re looking for when using medical marijuana.

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