Attention Dispensary Owners: It’s Time to Make Your Own Market Share.

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Right now, in California and other places, the only places where you can legally buy cannabis is at a dispensary.

As of February 2018, High Times reported that California has the highest number of cannabis dispensaries – by far – of any state in the United States. “According to the Bureau of Cannabis Control, there are currently 261 active temporary retail licenses to sell cannabis for adult use.”

At this point, most cannabis dispensaries are selling everyone else’s products – but not their own.

Along with the brand new, state-of-the-art ECOSmartPen, your cannabis oil cartridges will gain you more market share and expand your brand and your profits – while helping people!

The ECOSmartPen and accompanying app will allow your customers to give you even more feedback and track the effects of your new formula, which will allow continuous refinement to give you greater control over your products.

As a dispensary owner and operator, you are paying producers and manufacturers for every product and plant you sell, which means you’re either forced to take a lower profit from each sale or make your products more expensive for the consumers.

It’s time to gain your own market share.

By partnering with MyDx, you can grow your business and your profits by empowering you to make and brand your own products!

MyDx360 is a community engagement platform which helps entrepreneurs like you develop, launch, and track all of the effects of new products and formulations, which all comes together to help you create and launch your own brand of medicinal marijuana oils.

You know your customers best. You know what they are looking for, what they suffer from, and we know you want to help them.

We created MyDx360 to help YOU help the people who come to you.

If your customers overwhelmingly need cannabis to treat sleep disorders, we can create a completely customized formula of cannabis oil based on our global database of chemical formulations and their effects on individuals and specific needs.

The chemical composition of flower-based marijuana varies significantly, and unfortunately, most patients have no idea what they are buying and how it will directly affect them – or even if it will actually help with their malady. As a budtender, you likely have no medical training and your patients may not be getting the relief they desperately need.

With MyDx360, we can actually know what the net physiological effects of different strains are, based on data directly from consumers. We confirm our findings through formal clinical trials so you can trust your formulas.

Once you know exactly what you want to treat, MyDx’s proprietary technology creates a completely custom formulation just for YOUR company and brand, which we can provide in a variety of different delivery mechanisms, such as oil for vaping, edibles, drinks, pills, body creams, pens, and tinctures.

MyDx360 provides you with a branded formula you can sell with YOUR name on it and trust that your customers are getting exactly what they need.

We want to help you gain market share, make more money, and most importantly, help your patients get exactly what they need.

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