Develop branded formulations & secure customer feedback.

MyDx360’s purpose is three-fold:

1 Bridge the relationship gap between customers and companies

2 Facilitate real-time feedback to help companies respond to changing market trends

3 Provide soup to nuts coverage of formulated concentrates

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MyDx360 is a Software As A Service (SAAS)-based community engagement platform designed to help entrepreneurs develop, launch and track the effects of new formulated products on consumers to help penetrate their target markets more effectively.

As part of the service, companies will choose from among MyDx’s many chemical formulations that best align with the physiological response its target demographic is seeking. From there, MyDx will outsource the delivery of those formulations through licensed concentrate manufacturing facilities and provide customer-engagement support via its SAAS platform and MyDx smart devices such as the EcoSmartPen to acquire and analyze user feedback.

Collectively, this suite of services will be called MyDx360.

Select from MyDx’s database of targeted formulas and choose an intensity level (low, medium, high). Further customization exists for premium contracts.

As feedback is accumulated, MyDx will provide you insights that can be used to fine your product development/marketing and sales strategies.

MyDx will send your specific to one of its concentrate manufacturing partners. Once delivered, you’ll be able to brand and then sell them.

As your brand hits the market, you’ll be able to engage your customer base and collect feedback via the MyDx App. More tailored solutions for premium contracts.

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The Process of MyDx Innovation
We deploy and sell MyDx products and services to empower consumers to take charge of their cannabis prescription and consumption habits.
Our devices actively and passively collect data that tie exact strain chemical formulations and dosages to their physiological effects. We are then able to analyze and generate meaningful insights from our data that can be used for a wide range of activities.
Since we know what and how people are using cannabis products to alleviate specific ailments, we can then create our own formulas to address those s`ame and/or different ailments.
Once we confirm our findings via formal clinical trials, we can use, sell or license those formulations to develop bio-pharmaceuticals and other consumer products.

Delivery Mechanisms

We offer MyDx360 customers with not only the ability to formulate, but to also choose from a variety of delivery mechanisms that will be provided by our licensed partners.

  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Drinks
  • Pills
  • Body Creams
  • Pen
  • Tinctures

Subsription Prices & Services

Prices subject to change

MyDx360 will offer its customers various levels of support according to its status level in the subscription agreement. For instance, standard and premium subscribers will have access to varying levels of formula customization and data analyses to support their business and product development initiatives.

“MyDx360 will offer seamless market entry to aspiring entrepreneurs and brands by streamlining the process by which they create formulated-concentrates and then provides them with a feedback ecosystem directly connecting customers with brands”, said Daniel Yazbeck, Chief Executive Officer, MyDx.

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