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As a nation we have seen the ongoing war over the legalization of the sale, use, possession and cultivation of cannabis. There are many debatable points argued in regards to the health implications and safety of cannabis. Until recently, the conversation regarding cannabis related issues has been controversial, but the winds of change are now blowing in a less conservative direction.

While the change of heart and decriminalization in many states is evidence of progress, many states are not going far enough to support quality and consistency following their legislation. Most states with medical marijuana laws are not ensuring adequate access to product and provide limited guidance in regulating product quality and safety. The average consumer has to rely on vendor recommendations without any scientific data to back up their information. What does the term “Top Shelf” or popular strains like “Purple Kush” or “Sour Diesel” actually mean to you? Consumers need more information when it comes to cannabinoid contents, THC & CBD ratios, etc. Why is this important? THC and CBD are the most prominent compounds in cannabis–THC is known as the psychoactive ingredient found in the Cannabis plant and CBD is the compound in cannabis that has the most medicinal effects and can actually counter the psychoactive effects of THC.

Currently, Colorado and Washington are the only states that have fully legalized cannabis. To date, Colorado holds 84,882 customers, but has a potential customer base of 14,981,271 while Washington’s customer count is at 36,983 with a potential of 2,090,199. The numbers of these two states combined, however, don’t even equate to a third of the customers California, a state who has only decriminalized cannabis possession and allows use for documented medical purposes, obtains; 412,308. Twenty-three states and the nation’s capital have adopted effective medical marijuana laws, and there’s no reason why the remainder of these states cannot do so as well.

With individual state legalization of the sale and use of cannabis on the rise, it is becoming increasingly important to regulate the safety and quality of the product. With MyDx, the world’s first portable analyzer, CDx Inc. is giving consumers the power to trust and verify what they are putting into their bodies and find the strain that works for them.

Below is an infographic illustrating the degree of legality currently held by each individual state along with additional information regarding product and regulation of cannabis.

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