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New technology has brought us many exciting things – from the cloud and on to the Internet of Things, there’s much more connectivity for wearables and other small devices. Medical equipment is getting smarter and more capable, and even our cars are starting to seem like giant computers.


We are bringing some significant innovation to the field of testing and diagnostics. In fact, this type of thing has never been seen before – the ability for average customers to plug physical materials into a system that includes a test chamber and an app, and actually get real-time information about what’s in those materials!


MyDx for Cannabis Strains


The MyDx service helps people to figure out the proper cannabis strain for their daily routine. They can see firsthand what level of THC is in a particular cannabis product. They can also evaluate its organic formulation – whether it is purely organic, or whether it has pesticides and other chemicals in trace elements or greater quantities.


Other Diagnostics


This is part of what’s exciting to a great many people about the technology – it analyzes more than just cannabis.


Think about being able to test your tap water in real time, over and over again, without visiting a lab.


The AquaDx system can detect things like cadmium and mercury in water with a simple at-home testing process like the one described above.


That in itself is extremely useful to people who live anywhere that their water could be compromised.


But what about the food that you get from the supermarket?


Organics Testing


Sadly, even organic label products can include traces of harmful pesticides and other chemicals.


People have known for years that much conventional produce has potentially harmful items sprayed on it.


But there was no way to really see if a particular piece of food was contaminated or not.


OrganaDx changes this equation with more direct real-time testing opportunities. It’s easy to use, and generates pass-fail results within 6 minutes. OrganaDx has also been independently tested by the U.S. Army Center for Environmental Health Research. It’s not hard to imagine how this simple system will change life for millions of people who are worried about contaminants in their environment!

Check out all of these testing applications, as well as the AeroDx air testing process, to see firsthand how it all works to your advantage as a consumer. This kind of instant laboratory process is a part of what makes our products and services fascinating to a growing set of users who want more information about the world around them. Take a look at the rest of the website to understand how these devices work, and what you can do to analyze all sorts of natural products according to organic standards and criteria.

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