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Welcome back everyone. The last installment of our series took an inside look at what goes on behind the curtain at dispensaries. It’s easy to see the need for central lab testing to ensure premium product. That being said, how can you know for certain which dispensaries are selling you quality product and which ones aren’t?

Central lab testing does take money and time. Unfortunately, not all dispensaries are participating and there have been some disturbing reports emerging on the process. Dispensaries sometimes re-use labels from previous batches, pass along mold-ridden products unbeknownst to consumers and worst of all, forgo testing altogether by printing fake labels.

Patients with serious medical issues get sub-par quality medicine, meaning some dispensaries cut corners. Behavior like this might cause them to buy a product that will elicit an entirely different set of physiological and/or psychoactive effects. Also, even worse, they could be consuming a product ridden with pesticides and mold without ever being aware of the harm you cause your body.

MyDx will help patients and consumers trust and verify the safety and potency of your cannabis in real time. Whether it’s from a dispensary, an establishment that sells for recreational use, or any other scenario; you will be able to test and verify that the product you purchase contains the active cannabinoids you intend to consume.

At CDx Life, we are proud to help bridge the information gap between the buyers and sellers. As I’ve stated before, MyDx is not intended only for the cannabis industry, in the future we will be discussing how our device will help you to assess the safety and purity of everything you eat, drink and inhale. We call this the “Live Pure” movement, and I’ll be discussing this topic more a bit later on . . . but for now, let’s stick to the topic at hand.

So far, we’ve discussed how MyDx will help you ensure the safety of your cannabis, but how will it help you ensure the potency and quality of your medicine and/or recreational products? Again, let’s start with a breakdown of some basics for the less informed members of our audience.

  • There are over 100 chemicals in Cannabis. (It’s not just about THC)
  • Cannabis is a mix of many different compounds. Most of them fall into three categories: cannabinoids, terpenes, & flavonoids.
  • Each of these compounds can significantly modify the therapeutic benefits of the plant. There are hundreds of different chemical combinations each producing a different effect. Some of these effects and interactions still have yet to be discovered!

Here is a quick chart that breaks down what just a few of the active compounds found in cannabis have the power to do. The different compounds are listed up top in the multi-colored tabs, and their effects are represented by the corresponding dots. Learn and enjoy!

ailments and corresponding cannabinoids

Image Source: weedmaps.com

What makes the MyDx and CannaDx sensor/App combo so great is that it learns what you want. Not everyone’s physiology is the same; people enjoy varying levels of each compound in their cannabis experience.  MyDx along with the CannaDx sensor/App will help you develop a strain journal so you can feel how you want to feel, when you want to feel it.

Okay, so I can see how all of this might be confusing.  I’ve given you an interesting chart, and looking at stats, that might mean absolutely nothing to you. Let’s create a scenario that might be a little more understandable:

After a long day of work you want to relax and enjoy the comforts found only in a glass of wine (or two).  You want to relax, read a book, and head off to bed shortly thereafter. You select wine because it is agreeable to your tastes, and the situation. You go into the liquor store, and low and behold, every single bottle is unlabeled.

The bottles are all different colors, shapes, and sizes, but you really have no idea what’s in them. So, you turn to the clerk and say, “I’m trying to relax tonight, can you help me find something to drink that will do that?” He replies “sure” and hands you a bottle of white wine. He proceeds to tell you what’s in the bottle and the general affects it might have when consumed.

So you go home, open the bottle, have a drink, and instead of feeling relaxed, the liquid makes you feel like you just had vodka mixed with an energy drink. Your night is  not going as planned and you have no idea why the liquid that was in the bottle made you feel the way it did.  This is more or less how things work in the cannabis world right now. All wines don’t have the same ingredients and neither do all cannabis strains. Only the highly informed and most educated consumers have an idea of what they are putting into their bodies and how it will make them feel.

People should be able to enjoy cannabis with out having to be an expert, just like people can enjoy wine without having to know everything about the process behind it.

So, what do you think? How do you think consumers will use MyDx to ensure premium product? Share with your family, friends, and let’s get the conversation growing!

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