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At CDx we believe in our mantra of “live pure,” which is why we created the MyDx analyzer and app. Whether you choose to check the pesticides in your produce, the chemicals in your drinking water, the toxins in the air you breathe or the quality of your medical marijuana, MyDx makes it easy for everyone to ensure what they are putting in their body is pure.

Using MyDx is easy – just connect, sample and measure. From there, think of MyDx as an “electronic nose” that is trained to analyze the chemicals present in a sample. The analyzer and app will then provide insight into what you’re putting in your body and will then save that information (samples and searches) for you to reference whenever necessary.

  1. Connect – The MyDx mobile app is now available on Apple devices and will soon be released on Android and Windows. Once downloaded, simply use Bluetooth to pair the app with your MyDx analyzer to display your results.
  2. Sample – Next choose your user preference (Manufacturer, Distributor, Consumer, Regulator) and identify the substance you’re sampling (organa, aqua, aero, canna) then place the sample in the MyDx device.
  3. Measure – Just hit “Measure” and the sensors will analyze your sample and provide you clear results on your mobile device. The MyDx app explains exactly what the information means and why you should care.

App Walk Through

  1. Log In/Create an Account – Signing up for the MyDx app is simple, just enter your name, username, email and password.
  2. Settings
    • Usage Settings – Identify what type of user you are, if you have a MyDx device, and which type of samples you are most likely to test. Just make sure you save your selections.
    • Ailments – Choose which ailment(s) you want to track. The choices include ADD/ADHD, asthma, muscle pain, stress, and many more, giving all types of users the ability to make decisions that better their health. Again, make sure you save your settings.
  3. MyDx Profile – Next, choose what ailments you’d like to work on relieving or how you’d like to feel (happy, relaxed, focused and more) and the MyDx app will provide results based on what the app recommends is best.
  4. Explore Away – Go through the app and discover the best recommendations that are provided just for you and your preferences!

Samples to Test

  1. Organa Use MyDx to test your produce for dangerous chemicals that can negatively impact your health over time. By identifying, vaporizing and analyzing pesticides and pathogens that are present on produce, such as the “dirty dozen,” you can ensure the food you’re feeding your family is free of harmful chemicals.
  2. Aero As indoor air quality continues to diminish, it is important to use the MyDx app to test the air quality index based on the indicator developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You’ll also be able to detect carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and ozone levels.
  3. Aqua As water pollution becomes more common, it is important to test your drinking water. By using MyDx to test for contaminants in your drinking water, you can help ensure your family and visitors are consuming safe water.
  4. Canna By using MyDx to test cannabis, users are able to test the safety, quality and potency of their samples. They will also receive suggestions based on their health conditions and be able to track the strains that are best for their personalized ailments or moods.

Use Cases

  1. Manufacturers – MyDx allows manufacturers to know exactly what you are growing and allows you to test your product and optimize it for best conditions. By continually testing your plants and crops, you can create a higher quality product that will lead to repeat business and inspire loyal customers to spread word about your superior product.
  2. Distributors – MyDx takes the guessing out of the quality of what you’re buying and selling. The app even allows you to capture real-time quality control at the exact point of sale, helping you to guarantee the quality of the product you’re pushing. Plus, you can save and track buying/selling history and sources, allowing you to be a better distributor.
  3. Consumers – In today’s world, it is important to check the quality of what you’re putting in your body. From organic produce to medical marijuana to drinking water and indoor air quality, use MyDx to determine the safety of what you consume. Furthermore, you can save and track results to find the best solutions for you.

The MyDx analyzer and app helps take the guess work out of the quality of your samples and helps you live pure. By giving you the ability to test your produce, air quality, drinking water and cannabis in the palm of your hand, MyDx gives you the ability to take control of what goes in your body and allows you to make healthier decisions. While the MyDx app is now available for you to download, the MyDx analyzer will be available in December 2014. Pre-order your MyDx analyzer today!

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