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Test for Harmful Chemicals in the Air

The AeroDx™ Sensor and Analyzer offers MyDx consumers a Smart Device with multiple functionalities.

Primarily, AeroDx is a hand held home test kit that was designed to answer the questions “How to test air quality anywhere?” and “How to test air quailty in your home?“.

AeroDx is an indoor and outdoor Air Quality tester designed to measure and monitor the levels of certain harmful chemicals and polutants in the surrounding environment. AeroDx is an air quality detector specifically designed to find Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) such as Formaldehyde, Butane, Toluene, Methane, and Benzene and other harmful chemicals present in the air. It also monitors Temperature and Humidity to help you prevent the growth of mold and germs.

Secondly, AeroDx has a unique capability of measuring the amount of VOC’s such as Residual Solvents, as well as the Humidity of specific oils and other substances placed into the MyDx sample chamber.


mydx-analyzer-AeroDxEvery country has different regulations in regards to air quality so this handy air quality sensor is great for people who live or travel abroad.

Many different factors affect air quality. Some factors are naturally occurring, such as the topography of the area you are in and the current weather conditions. Other factors are man-made, such as the burning of fossil fuels from factories and vehicles. No matter where you are in the world, our AeroDx™ sensor will give you a real time reading of the air quality in environment and is perfect for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, COPD or other respiratory problems.


This sensor is currently being developed by our R&D team.



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AeroDx—Air Quality Sensor

The quality of the air indoors matters a lot to our health. Most people assume that the air quality inside their own homes is clean and not as bad as outside. That’s just an assumption. The polluting particles that make outdoor air unhealthy to breathe can just as easily invade our homes. Repeated exposure to indoor air pollutants can worsen the symptoms of asthma, irritate the eyes and the nose, and cause headaches and fatigue. These are just some of the side effects cautioned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

AeroDx is an air quality detector that can determine the levels of pollutants in indoor air. The federal government recommends homeowners to check levels of radon inside the home. AeroDx is an easy and hassle-free smart device that will help you determine how clean the air you breathe inside your own home is.

Key Features

AeroDx is designed to be used by regular homeowners. You do not need expert knowledge to use the device and understand the results. Here are some of the key features owners will benefit from:

Specifically Designed to Find VOC Levels

Volatile Organic Compounds are gasses emitted by certain types of solid items. Some VOCs— notably formaldehyde, butane, toluene, methane, and benzene— are known to be harmful to health. These VOCs can be found in household products, like cleaning solvents, and building material like paint. VOCs can cause short and long-term damage to health. AeroDx is a very specific air pollution detector that can tell you if any of the mentioned VOCs are present in the air of your home.

Measure Residual Solvents

Residual solvents are VOCs that are found in certain types of medications. These can get released into indoor air. AeroDX can uniquely measure residual solvent levels in a room. Most other indoor or outdoor air quality sensor devices do not have this capability.

Monitor Temperature and Humidity

In addition, the device can monitor how hot or certain humid parts of your house are. Heat and humidity are important factors for mold growth. If a part of your house is hot and wet, that could create the perfect conditions for bad mould to grow. You can prevent mould growth entirely by using AeroDX to spot mold growth areas in the house.


AeroDX is a portable air quality sensor. You can hold the device in your hands, carry it around the house, and get results without any trouble.


AeroDX is a smart air quality detector with multiple functionalities. It’s easy to use and carry around the house. Most importantly, this device is highly capable of measuring levels of VOCs including residual solvents. This is a well-rounded device that all homes at risk from indoor air pollution can immensely benefit from.