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Whether you smoke cannabis for medical or recreational reasons, there are numerous reasons as to why it is important to know what is in your marijuana. The CDx team and MyDx makes it easy for you to get the 411 on the safety, potency and quality of your cannabis. Don’t think it’s worth the effort to check what’s in your marijuana? Well then, allow us to enlighten you about the risks of not testing!


1. Your Safety – From dangerous chemicals to bacteria to other drugs or even heavy metals, your marijuana could be hiding all sorts of contaminants you don’t know about. These hidden toxins are very dangerous for patients and consumers for a number of reasons and can be quite hazardous to your safety.

First, chemicals such as butane, propane and ethanol should not be found present in cannabis in order to be safe for human consumption. Both inhaling or consuming these chemicals can be dangerous to users, so make sure to test your cannabis to ensure it doesn’t contain any of these concentrations!

Second, it is unfortunately not always obvious to the human eye that your marijuana contains molds, bacteria and fungus. These fungal dangers pose a major threat to any user’s health and it is important to not ingest them with your cannabis. Relatively, pesticides are often used to eradicate these contaminants, but these pesticides might be even worse for your health than the bacteria itself. It is so important to test for these dangers that CDx has made it a priority to yield reliable results when testing for these contaminants.

Last, but certainly not least, it is important to test your marijuana for other drugs. There have been many cases of marijuana being laced with other dangerous and life-threatening drugs. There are also many cases in which the marijuana is laced with lead and other heavy metals in order to give it a greater weight and increase profit for street dealers.


2. The Potency – Just like any other prescribed drug, it is important to know the correct cannabis dosage for intake based on your needs. By using MyDx to test your cannabis, it makes it easy to accurately identify the potency of your marijuana by measuring cannabinoids of interest such as THC and CBD. This helps assure that you are consuming the best dosage to meet your needs. Testing your marijuana with MyDx helps give you peace of mind that the cannabis you’re consuming is what you need and want!


3. The Quality – As we mentioned in safety above, a plethora of different contaminants can be found in your marijuana. From small bugs to fungicides to other drugs and contaminants, it is impossible to know the true quality of your cannabis without testing it. MyDx’s CannaDx™ sensor tests for cannabinoids, terpenoids and other compounds that contribute to the medical effect of the strain and help determine the overall quality of the marijuana.


Don’t be left in the dark, it is time to start testing your cannabis! Not only will it help you determine the potency and quality of your marijuana, but it can also help protect you from potential risks and hazards to your safety. Interested in learning more about how MyDx can help you test your marijuana? Then head to our website to purchase your must-have cannabis analyzer today! Please feel free to explore our FAQ section or contact the CDx team to find out more.

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