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As the cannabis industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds every year, new companies and products seem to appear on the market daily, only to vanish just as quickly.

In order to truly stand out in the increasingly crowded market, your brand has to make an impact.

Have you struggled to gain market share? Or have you gained a foothold but are finding it tough to keep?

How does YOUR BRAND stay relevant and impactful in this quickly moving industry?

MyDx has a solution to help you get, keep, and grow your market share and take YOUR BRAND to the next level.

MyDx has the world’s largest database of chemical compositions of strains of cannabis and the specific effects on people.

Using your in-depth knowledge of your customers and their needs along with our ability to create a brand new formula of cannabis oil, you can finally have a branded formulation perfect for your needs.

Here’s how it works. You tell us what you want, such as needing a formula which helps patients with a specific ailment, like joint pain.

MyDx360 will go through our database, where we have collected data including strain chemical formulations and dosages and their individual physiological effects, using this information to create a customized formula for your needs.

MyDx will confirm findings with formal clinical trials so you know you’re getting a safe, tested product. Then we will present you with the finished formula, ready for immediate manufacturing and production!

We can provide a vast variety of delivery mechanisms for your customers, including edibles, drinks, pills, body creams, tinctures, and more. But by far the best way you can stand out from the other cannabis brands is by having a branded cannabis oil cartridge which goes into our ECOSmartPen. Your brand would sell both the oil and the pen on your website or store, making even more money from each sale.

Why the ECOSmartPen and oil cartridge?

Because you’re trying to stand out.

And how better to stand out than to have the top-rated state-of-the-art technology on your side?

Unlike other “smart” Bluetooth oil pens, the ECOSmartPen actually monitors consumption, tracks dosages, and guarantees no one but the actual user can access or use the pen.

With the Child Lock feature, consumers can lock the pen from their phone, so even if the pen lands in the wrong hands, no one can use it without permission! This makes sure patients are getting what they need and keeping their oil safely out of the hands of curious kids, friends, or even thieves.

The ECOSmartPen even helps you as the seller! It allows patients to continue to input data about the effects of the customized strain, adding to the database and allowing you to always have the information you need to further your product development initiatives.

Of course, you want your brand to be standing out from the rest in the crowded cannabis market. MyDx360 will help you stand up, stand out, and take center stage.

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