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Have you ever bought or used cannabis you thought was for a specific ailment or feeling only to be completely confused by the results?

Or maybe you simply want to be completely clear on what exactly you’re putting into your body before ingesting anything?

MyDx has a state-of-the-art personal portable chemical analyzer you can take with you to actually test any cannabis and identify its composition!

The MyDx Analyzer 2.0 + CannaDx Sensor Kit is a portable personal lab tester and analysis kit!

Instead of relying on what seller know about their cannabis, you can get a Total Canna Profile (TCP)  right on your cell phone which tells you what is in a specific strain of marijuana, more than just THC. It will even predict what feelings you’ll get after ingesting the cannabis.

Developed by our incredible team of scientists and years of research, the MyDx Analyser 2.0 + CannaDx Sensor Kit allows you to quickly and easily test your cannabis for quality, learn its chemical profile, predict the feelings you’ll have, and track your results over time to help you know exactly what works for you and what does not.

Our portable analyzer leverages more than two generations of patented technology developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is used by NASA.

Why trust anecdotes or word of mouth when you can have proof and answers in the palm of your hands?

How does it work?

First, you’ll turn on the small palm-sized device and set it on a flat surface. Then you’ll fill the small clear insert with ground cannabis and put the sample inside of a small chamber on the side of the device. The sample is analyzed using gas flow over-the-sensor system which supports the chemical release process and exposes the chemicals present in the sample.

You’ll then open up the MyDx application on your phone, making sure both wifi and Bluetooth are enabled and log in. On the main home screen of the app, simply click “Analyze” and select “Cannabis Flower” and confirm the device. The unit will go for about three minutes, analyzing and doing its thing, before a “Feelings” screen will pop up on your phone, showing you what ailments the strain should relieve for you.

You can even scroll further down and see what feelings are predicted and modify or change the feelings based on your personal experience with that strain. The “Content” tab on the same screen will show you the full chemical profile of the strain of cannabis tested, along with other readings and information on it. From here you can also click on “Show TCP” and then “Community” to see other strains of cannabis with similar chemical profiles.

The “My Data” tab holds your previous results, so you can see what other strains you’ve tested and compare them to the current sample and the “Notes” tab allows you to add any additional information, such as where you bought it and when. You can return back to the results screen by clicking “Return” and name the strain you’re testing, so your results are saved. On this same screen, you can give this strain a personal rating and take a photo of the cannabis to keep and remind you of how it looks and compare it to others. If you want to, you can even click “Share” and “Print” and print out the profile of your test results.

Love the strain you tested? Click the “Map” button to see where that strain is available for sale at dispensaries near you!

The analyzer is compatible with phone iOS and Android and comes with the chemical analyzer device, one CannaDx sensor, 15 inserts to hold cannabis samples, and everything you need to start testing immediately. You get a portable lab test in the palm of your hand.

Check out unboxing and use videos here and learn all about Total Canna Profiles (TCP) and see data sheets here and the analyzing technology and patents here.

With the MyDx Analyzer 2.0 + CannaDx Sensor Kit, it’s not about the THC, it’s all about the TCP!

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