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We are just over halfway through 2018 and if you’re like us, you start thinking about gifts long before it’s time to give them. Finding the perfect gift for your cannabis-loving friend or family member can be frustrating – because there are so many gadgets and accessories out there.

Fear not! MyDx to the rescue with 5 new products on the market in 2018.

These would make great gifts for the people in your life – or to put on your own wish list.

It’s Christmas in July here at MyDx!

Gift Guide – 5 Great Products for Cannabis Users

The Lion Balm.

Starting at number five is the winner of “Best Topical” from the Greenstate Cannabis Awards in 2018, The Lion Balm by Om Edibles.

“An all-female collective of growers and herbalists, Om Edibles is lauded for its popular line of body care products, which include oils, bath soaks and roll-on balms. The popular Lion Balm glides smoothly onto the skin, leaving no messy residue or telltale cannabis odor. The roll-on dispenser makes it easy to apply to your own back, neck or shoulders — the most common places for aches and pains. The Om team pairs cannabis with other herbs, including camphor, eucalyptus, and menthol, to create warming blends that relax muscles and soothe arthritis.”

The Lion Balm is available for sale at more than 65 dispensaries and retailers around California and Om Edibles’ website says, “This Beeswax, shea, and cocoa butter based salve or balm is similar to a Tiger Balm. Loaded with spicy essential oils and Thai Liniments, it is especially helpful for aches, sprains, pain, headaches, and skin irritations that are not open wounds. The shea and cocoa butter are extremely healing for dry and cracked skin. This topical has brought countless patients relief. For external use only / APX 25 mg THC /1 oz roll-on /APX 200 mg THC /4 oz Jar.”


Zen Zingers

This is a very interesting new experience from Paracanna, a Canada-based self-controlled edibles company. They have created make your own edible gummy kits where you get to control and experiment with dosages and even combination of cannabinoids in your edibles.

Their Zen Zingers come in four candy making flavors, Cherry Bomb, Punchy Pink Grapefruit, Mega Mango, and Righteous Raspberry and are $19.99 for the starter kit. The company says they only take 10 minutes to make and then let them sit for an hour and you have your own special gummies!

The kit does not come with cannabis and Paracanna recommends you purchase an oral syringe of flavorless cannabis distillate from a local source.

For your crafty friends or someone who wants to be in control of their doses or the recipe, this makes for a very fun new cannabis experience!

Puff, Pass & Paint.

If you live near California, Denver, Seattle, Boston, Phoenix, Las Vegas, or Portland, a great outing, and experience for you and your cannabis-loving friends is from Puff, Pass, & Paint!

Take your wine and art class experience to the next level with a painting class where you can BYOB and BYOC!

According to the company, “Puff, Pass & Paint isn’t about making the perfect piece of art. It’s about being part of an atmosphere that is relaxed, comfortable, open-minded, and allowing yourself to freely create your own original masterpiece.”

Winner of a “Best Experience” award from Greenstate Cannabis Awards, Puff, Pass & Paint continues to grow and offer two-hour long small classes to people who want to smoke and get creative.

Stash Jar.

The Stash Jar by Smokus Focus is a very cool magnified and lit cannabis storage product. It comes in 10 colors and is pocket-sized at three inches tall and a two-inch diameter. The Stash Jar is airtight, allowing no odors out, and has LED lights and has 5x magnification on the jar itself, allowing all consumers to closely inspect their products and retailers to display their products. The jars are rechargeable and get up to 12 hours of use with one charge and each one comes with the charging cord.

These jars are reusable and Smokus Focus even offers wholesale and bulk discounts. The jars are $49 and their technology is patented. Smokus Focus is based in Denver, Colorado and the jars are available online, along with the larger four-inch Middleman jar (4x and 8x magnification) for $59 and their largest jar, Escojar (2x and 5x magnification) at nine inches tall and nine inches in diameter at $129.

All jars come with a one year warranty and ship to you in about a week.


The final gift item on our list is the ECOSmartPen by MyDx. With a sleek look, comfortable size, and changeable oil cartridges, the ECOSmartPen is the most state-of-the-art vaporizer on the market. Released in 2018, it has a dosage tracker, child safety lock, is Bluetooth compatible, and even allows the user to track the effects of different strains of cannabis.

At $89.99, this will be the only vaporizer you need. It comes with the associated phone application, the device itself, a USB charger, and a one year warranty.

One really cool feature is the Child Lock, which allows users to lock the vaporizer from their phone. No one can use the vape pen until users unlock it, so your product stays safe without having to invest in a storage case or lockbox.

Happy gifting!


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