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The holidays are right around the corner and those looking for some last-minute gift ideas or to treat themselves to some new cannabis gear may want to take a look at some of these unique and highly rated products — including the MyDx portable cannabis analyzer. 

5. BurnBox Subscription introduces you to new smoking products each month with a number of different subscription options. In each box, you’ll receive either paper ($20/mo.) or glass ($25/mo.) accessories or both for the combo Super BurnBox ($30/mo.). A portion of the proceeds also go to NORML to help fight for better cannabis laws throughout the United States.

Price: $20 – $30 per Month

4. MyDx™ Analyzer + CannaDx™ Sensor Kit

MyDx is the first portable chemical analyzer that lets you affordably identify the composition of your cannabis. In just a few minutes, you can get a Total Canna Profile™ that goes beyond THC to encompass cannabinoids and terpenes to predict how you’ll feel after consuming it. It’s never been easier or more affordable to Trust and Verify™ the composition of the cannabis.

Price: $899.99 $699.99 Special

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3. Vapium Vaporizers

Vapium’s SUMMIT is the world’s first all-weather, rugged vaporizer that’s perfect for adventurers on your holiday list. With customized temperature settings, vibration notification, medical grade materials, and even a solar charger, the vaporizer is perfect for the skiing in the backcountry or hiking through the woods.

Price: $189.99

2. Sploofy Air Purifier

Sploofy makes it easy to smoke indoors without affecting those around you. With an advanced HEPA filter that traps up to 99.97% of all air particles, all you have to do is exhale into the mouth piece and let the device do the work. Cartridges last for up to 300 users and can be quickly swapped out for a new one for half the price of a new device.

Price: $19.99

1. High Times Cookbook

The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook has more than 50 delicious recipes designed to get you high, including appetizers, entrees, sweets, cocktails, and holiday ideas. In the book, you’ll find recipes like Time Warp Tamales, and Sativa Shrimp Spring Roles. Make your next holiday party – or relaxing dinner at home – even more chill with this book.

Price: $9.99 – $16.00

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