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Did you know that MyDx has services and products for almost every piece of the cannabis industry?

Whether you are launching a new brand and trying to differentiate yourself, looking to expand the wares you offer, want software to help your patients, or are needing research and development and clinical trials, MyDx has got your back.

Consumer Products

MyDx is planning to get 510k approval to help leverage our consumer products and the ability of insurance companies to support sales and to generate HIPAA-compliant crowdsourced data.

What does that mean for you? It means safer, more regulated products and devices which are using data and information provided by users themselves to make sure that the cannabis you get is exactly the cannabis you wanted.

A great example of this is one of our flagship products: CannaDx. The industry’s first handheld portable cannabis sensor and analyzer, so you can know exactly what you’re putting in your body in just moments.

Another top example is our state-of-the-art ECOSmartPen, a Bluetooth-enabled smart vaporizer pen which pairs with your cell phone to give you the ultimate control. No one can use your vaporizer pen without your knowledge or permission with our Child Safety Lock. It incorporates dosage tracking and reminders, and even allows you to monitor the effects of different cannabis strains and oil formulations in the self-reporting note feature.

Last but definitely not least is the brand new MyDx Kitchen Tablet application coming soon to a kitchen near you! This touchscreen kitchen tablet will have an integrated MyDx sensor, not ONLY including the CannaDx cannabis analyzer, but including our full lineup of sensors, including OrganaDx, AquaDx, and AeroDx, plus our database!

Available soon: OrganaDx analyzes food to reveal levels of pesticides in your foods; AquaDx is the water analyzer, which looks for harmful chemicals in your water sources, such as mercury or lead; AeroDx is our patented air sensor, designed to measure and test the air quality around you.


As we work with brands and companies to create and develop custom cannabis oil formulations, MyDx is developing internal Contract Research Organization (CRO) capabilities and services so we are able to offer third parties an affordable and easy platform with which to validate chemical profiles for formulations.

Being able to provide clinical studies and practical knowledge and application is important to all parties. Trust, but verify.

We are also planning to provide an organic source of extracted green Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (gAPI™) for both consumer and industrial use.

Data Analytics

MyDx has a dataset of over 40,000 data points which leverage four different classes of data and algorithms.

We get user data, chemical composition information, user feedback, and usage statistics, and combine those to form the Canna Benefit Factor™. We are then adding our proprietary algorithms to the mix to develop key insights into user behavior and chemical profiles. Our goal is to track how specific samples are expected to directly affect ailments and then validate the results.

Software as a Service

The MyDx application for iOS and Android controls and is used with the CannaDx chemical analyzer, as well as the ECOSmartPen. In it, we track patient-tested samples, physiological feedback, is centrally hosted in a secure cloud-based server, and helps doctors treat their patients with more specificity.

MyDx360 is for businesses and brands and allows them to develop branded cannabis oil chemical formulations to target specific ailments they want to treat, and still allows for customer feedback. Through MyDx360, brands get access to the largest crowdsourced cannabis database in the world.

No matter who you are or what your business does within the cannabis industry, MyDx can help you grow.

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