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There are more cannabis-related brands and companies popping up every day in the U.S. and around the world. It can seem like every time you look up, there is a new brand on the market selling everything from cannabis flowers, oils, vaporizers, storage solutions, safety mechanisms, analyzers, and more.

In this rapidly-growing industry, there is constant innovation and change.

How can you make sure to differentiate yourself from all of the other brands on the market today?

More than just standing out, how can you make sure that your products do exactly what you say they do?

You’re in luck!

MyDx360 is a SAAS-based community engagement platform specifically to help you, the entrepreneur, develop unique formulas, launch tested products, and then track the effects of your formula from the consumers themselves.

MyDx has the largest database in the world of consumer-driven information on chemical formulations and physiological effects. Our data is collected both actively and passively to get both formulation and dosage information.

If you are looking for a medicinal product which specifically targets anxiety, joint pain, epilepsy, even migraines, MyDx360 has the key to the chemical formulations for each individual ailment your want to address.

MyDx360 will then confirm the formula through clinical trials – meaning YOU don’t have to worry about the cost associated with research and development and clinical trials!

Once we have the exact formula for your needs, we give it to you. You can use your own trusted manufacturer or we can recommend ones we’ve worked with to create the final product.

The final products will be a cannabis delivery mechanism, such as concentrate, edible, drink, pills, tincture, or oil for vaping. With YOUR BRAND NAME on it.

That’s right. A branded specially-made product designed specifically for your clients and their needs.

There has never been an easier way to create and launch a brand new product so individualized and unique for your own brand.

And when you choose to create a never-before-seen branded vaporizer oil, MyDx will license the use of our state-of-the-art ECOSmartPen to your company. You can sell your oil and the ECOSmartPen on your website and reap the rewards of your hard work and dedication to your clientele.

Because it’s not enough to have just the cannabis oil. You also want safety and security for your clients. The ECOSmartPen is a bluetooth-activated product which pairs easily and quickly with any smartphone to have complete control over your cannabis use.

It includes a dosage tracker and reminder function, a feedback area for users to record their effects and use, and a safety lock. Meaning users can deactivate their vape pen from their phone and no one – children, roommates, thieves – can use the pen at all until the user reactivates it from the password-protected app.

Your brand. Your formula. Your success. We can help.

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