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On Friday, February 27th, CDx Inc. sent 220 powerful boxes on 220 highly anticipated journeys all across the world, to land in the possession of 220 eager and excited MyDx Early Adopters. “This marks a very important milestone for CDx and its partners, and we are all very excited about the future.” says Daniel Yazbeck, founder and CEO.


The following Monday, the chatter about the MyDx Beta units began to grow across the web and in our inboxes. The positive feedback from our community of Beta users has been astounding. One of the very first messages we received especially gave us all a huge glow and affirmation of success:

“Dear MyDx Team,

Thank you very much. I received the device and have successfully
tested a strain. I’m really impressed of it’s capabilities, my
compliments for your outstanding work!

There is a huge need for such a measuring device. Is there any
possibility for my company to resell your product in the Netherlands?
I would like to be a distributer as I think there is a very large
potential market in the Netherlands at the current moment.

I would also like to order one more MyDx Analyser with the canna Dx
Sensor and 100 sample inserts, regardless of my previous question.

Thank you in advance.”

We’re beyond thrilled over the general response and sheer deliveries of this first batch of MyDx Beta units. To accompany this huge milestone, we have also just launched our new website at and have made updates to both our iOS and Android apps. Visit the updated site and download your applicable mobile app now!

apple downloadandroid download

After you’ve done that, connect with us on your favorite social media platforms to receive company updates that you won’t find anywhere else. Use the links at the bottom of this page to find us.

In closing, we will quote Yazbeck in saying that “Introducing a new product to the market is a special moment in the history of a startup and also marks the formal beginning of our relationship with our customers, who will now have our product and will need our attention.”  We are proud of all of the people that have helped us get here over the last few years, and we’re certain we will do our customers proud in the years to come as we now start the next chapter of our company.


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