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Cannabis contains over 400 chemical compounds that will affect your mind and body differently.

How will the strain of cannabis you’ve been prescribed affect you? Well, the more you understand about how these chemical compounds in medical marijuana work for you, the more likely you are to find relief — that’s the win you’re ultimately after.

Not all cannabis is created equal — no surprise there — there are differences in potency or quality, but understanding those differences, and knowing how to communicate what you need to your doctor is invaluable.

Of the 400 chemical compounds found in cannabis, you’re going to see a range in potency that will affect your individual response. These differences can depend on the strain, how it was cultivated, and even exposure to light and air.

Photo of dry medical marijuana buds  with shallow depth of field

Photo of dry medical marijuana buds with shallow depth of field

Finding the strain that’s right for you

Empowering yourself to find the strain of cannabis that works for you is something that the MyDx Analyzer with the CannaDx Sensor offers that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

The MyDx Analyzer is special because you can learn how potent the plant that you’re about to ingest is, and you can then track how you responded and find what works for you.

The science of how the compounds work with your specific chemistry will be different than anyone else’s experience, and that’s why using this analyzer can be so important to your successful therapy.

Learning more about cannabinoids and terpenes

This month on the blog we looked at THC and D-Limonene, but each week we’ll uncover new aspects of how this medical miracle can significantly improve specific ailments. Understanding more about the compounds in cannabis can set you on the right path in recovering from illness.

Stay tuned into the blog each week, get informed, and live pure!

Want to learn more about the MyDx Analyzer with the CannaDx Sensor? Find out more about it right here:

MyDx – Analyzer / Sensor – Electronic Nose Technology

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