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Learn More about the Benefits of L-Limonene in Cannabis

There’s something about citrus that can brighten the mood and lift the spirits. Have you ever wondered what gives certain strains of cannabis a bright, unmistakable citrus scent?

Love Citrus?Terpenes give plants like pine trees, berries, and lemons specific aromas as well as flavor profiles. But they aren’t only for taste and scent — terpenes also give us clues about a plant’s nutritional or medicinal properties, and that goes for medical marijuana strains as well.

L-Limonene is the terpene responsible for a crisp citrus scent. It’s a beautifully fragrant oil that is produced in the plant along with certain cannabinoids. Believe it or not, the smell created by these oils can also produce specific effects that can benefit your treatment.

The more you learn about cannabis, the more you can appreciate the truly versatile therapy it can provide. By understanding more about the variances in strains, you can begin to profile what works best for your needs.

For instance, L-limonene has some fantastic benefits that have great potential for:

  •         Anti-inflammatory
  •         Antioxidant
  •         Fights cancer
  •         Supports natural defense in body
  •         Detox properties
  •         Supports lymphatic system
  •         Anti-anxiety
  •         Can calm allergic reactions

If you’re interested in learning more about these benefits, Byron Richards, a board certified clinical nutritionist, has written a fantastic article here that explains in greater detail how this amazing terpene can benefit your health.

Because no two strains of cannabis are alike, you’ll want to keep track of how strains high in L-Limonene affect you and improve your symptoms. That’s where the CannaDx™ sensor with the MyDx Analyzer can really offer you more control over your treatment. Learn what terpenes are in your strain and track exactly how you responded.

This awesome tool allows you to find the strain with the right levels of terpenes and cannabinoids that provide the most benefits. Working alongside the cannabinoids, terpenes provide even more benefit to your treatment.

Come visit the blog next week — we’re delving in and learning more about the entourage effect of L-limonene and the cannabinoid THC.


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