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The alpha-pinene terpene is what gives an evergreen tree its unique, fresh scent, and in strains of cannabis, pinene is hard to miss for the same reason. It’s an unmistakable earthy scent that is reminiscent of an aromatic pine forest.

Usually regarded as something to simply enjoy as a scent, there have been medical studies that focus on the healing power of pine terpenes. Of all the terpenes, alpha pinene is the most widely encountered in nature — and one of the most powerful terpenes as well.

Not only do cannabis terpenes offer unique scent and flavor profiles, they give us hints to their own healing properties, and with pine terpenes, there are several amazing benefits to uncover.

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Many studies have shown that alpha-pinenes offer solid health benefits including:

  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Bronchodilator — especially when working in synergy with THC
  • Broad spectrum antibiotic properties — highly effective against MRSA when working in synergy with the cannabinoids CBD and CBN
  • Increases alertness and counteracts some of the ill-effects of THC such as anxiety
  • Works to improve benefits with the entourage effect on cannabinoids like THC
  • Can decrease oil production in overly oily skin

According to Medical Jane, a site that’s dedicated to medical marijuana, focusing more on the healing benefits of terpenes may be the future of medical marijuana. More is being researched and studied about these powerful terpenes, and there will no doubt be more research done to confirm its invaluable health benefits.

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