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MyDx Service with CannaDx

MyDx Analyzer with CannaDx helps you know what Cannabis you’re putting into your mind and your body.

MyDx Service Overview

The MyDx Analyzer with CannaDx Sensor is a portable electronic nose that smells your Cannabis, and tells you the derived Total Chemical Profile of your sample. The Total Chemical Profile consists of Potency (THC, CBD, and CBN) and Terpenes present in your Cannabis. MyDx Analyzer with CannaDx Sensor was designed for the Medical Cannabis market.

The MyDx Service connects the MyDx Analyzer to the MyDx App using a Bluetooth connection. The MyDx App communicates with the MyDx Cloud via the internet to compare what the MyDx Analyzer sensed with scientific data revealing the Total Chemical Profile.

Using the MyDx Analyzer is simple and easy. Below are the steps to power on/charge the MyDx Analyzer, open/close the Sample Chamber, and insert/remove the Sample Insert.

  1. MyDx Chamber 1Power: Turn on and off MyDx
  2. Power Cable Port: Charge MyDx Analyzer and power the device
  3. Micro USB Port: Connect to computer to charge and power MyDx Analyzer
  4. Press on the Chamber Release Button to open the Sliding Sample Chamber
  5. Open the Sliding Sample Chamber to insert Disposable Sample Insert
  6. After testing, remove the Disposable Sample Insert

MyDx Chamber 2







Technical Specifications

Physical Specifications

Weight 230g
Dimensions 32 cm (W) x 7.7 cm (D) x 2.9 cm (H)
Typical Noise Output 0.5PPM (500PPB)
Wired communication protocols: MicroUSB
Wireless Communication Protocols Bluetooth, WiFi

Power and Battery

Operational Time 60 Minutes
Stand-by Time 1440 Minutes (1 Day)
Battery Charging Capability Micro USB and Power Supply with Adapter
Battery Charge Time 270 Minutes
Switch On | Off | Charge
Regulatory Approvals FCC & CE
Battery Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Operational Time 6 hours (Continuous measurement)
Standby Time 1 day (Blue LED light on indicating connected via Bluetooth)
Sleep Mode 7 days (Device on and LED lights off)
Full Charge Time via power adapter 4.5 hours (270 minutes)
Full Charge Time via USB 8-15 hours
Storage Temperatures 5°C – 40°C


Target 20% of Gas Chromatography measurement