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At CDx, our mission is to empower people to live a healthier life by revealing the purity of what we eat, drink and inhale. We created the MyDx analyzer, app and accompanying sensors to enable people to “Live Pure” and make smart choices about what they put into their bodies.

With the MyDx Analyzer, you can analyze air, water, food and cannabis, meaning you can test what you drink for harmful chemicals and what you breathe for air quality. Once you know the purity of the things you put in your body, you can make smart choices and take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. MyDx was funded on Indiegogo, so we’ve identified a handful of other crowdfunded devices to help you take the Live Pure lifestyle into your own hands.

Check out the products below.

FilterWatch is a low-cost, battery-powered sensor that monitors your HVAC system’s return vent to let you know when your filter needs replacing. When a filter goes too long without being changed, it compromises the air quality and can lead to higher energy costs. FilterWatch was funded on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Grayl Water Filtration Cups use a fill, press, and drink design to filter water. This filtration system removes pharmaceutical and industrial chemicals (including BPA), heavy metals, impurities that affect taste and odor, bacteria and more. Filters are available for tap water, the outdoors and traveling. Grayl was funded on Indiegogo.

Table Air is a stylish smart air purifier that connects to your smartphone. It features multiple air purification functions, including ultraviolet disinfection and odor removal. Table Air was funded on Kickstarter.

The Purrgo Car Air Eco-Purifier absorbs and eliminates odors in your car using bamboo charcoal. It offers a healthy, safe, sustainable and chemical-free way to eliminate odors and purify the air. Purrgo was funded on Kickstarter.

Soma is a glass water filter that uses all-natural, biodegradable materials to filter water and reduce chlorine, bad taste and odor. Filters arrive at your door through a subscription service, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to replace them on time. Soma was funded on Kickstarter.

Starting next year, you’ll be able to use your own MyDx to test your air and water quality, as well as the foods you eat. Until then, try to make health conscious choices and find ways to make your environment a healthier one by always acknowledging your air, water and food quality.

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