Hi! My name is Molliecule, but you can call me Mollie and I am here to help you.

I live inside the MyDx™ app and I will assist you to navigate and use the MyDx™. I will act as your guide when using the MyDx™ system, making the experience fun and easy.

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What kind of things can I test?

MyDx™ allows you test samples of solids, liquids and gases in just 3 simple steps. We have developed four different sensors that will test the organic properties of food, water, air and cannabis.
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Food Sensor

The OrganaDx™ is a reusable solution that allows users to measure the level of pesticides found in the food you eat. OrganaDx™ gives you the ability to trust and verify that the organic food that you have purchased is free of harmful pesticides. Pesticides are still commonly found in every piece of produce that we buy, even in supposedly organic produce. The health consequences is costly as countless studies have linked pesticides to major health problems.

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Water Sensor

The AquaDx™ was created with the purpose of detecting the presence of harmful chemicals, such as mercury and lead, in your drinking water. AquaDx™ allows you to test and verify the quality of tap water which often contains harmful chemicals. This reusable sensor is ideal for travelers or people who live abroad where water regulations are less stringent.

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Air Sensor

The AeroDx™ is designed to measure the air quality to ensure the safety of the air you breathe. Perfect for users who live in urban areas or live abroad where air quality regulations are less stringent, the AeroDx™ air sensor allows you to know the quality of the air around you at all times even as air quality varies greatly depending on the time of day and location.

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Herbal Sensor

Our first sensor, Canna, will enable you to identify the most important chemicals in cannabis and then relate them to how you feel when using that specific chemical combination. By using MyDx™ to detect THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid and Terpene ratios coupled with an extensive database of countless chemical combinations and their associated feelings, you will finally have the ability to find the best chemical profile that works for you all in one convenient, portable THC tester. By doing so, you also join a growing community of users that test and add new chemical combinations and related feelings each week. This is the perfect cannabis analyzer that allows you to do your own THC testing without the need to go to an expensive central laboratory.

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