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behind MyDx™ (My Diagnostic) the first PORTABLE ANALYZER for everyone.


Our bodies have 1,000 chemically different types of odorant receptors. A single receptor recognized multiple odorants and a single odorant is recognized by multiple receptors. Odorants may be identified by pattern combinations of activated receptors.


Acting as an electronic nose,MyDx™ is engineered to detect molecules in vapor. The sample that is placed in the MyDx™ device is analyzed by multiple sensors exposing the chemicals that are present.

The vapors cause swelling which induce resistance changes. MyDx™ is able to quantify chemicals to within 20% of conventional gas chromatography instrument values. Our subsequent generation devices and sensors will target a marginal error rate within 5% of GC values.

Within seconds, the app will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the sample, including exactly what the information means and why you should care.


MyDx Sensors

Each Sensor is interchangeable and specifically designed for each targeted application.

MyDx App

Available for iOS or Android phones to help operate and track MyDx samples.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The MyDx is portable, wireless, and operates with very little noise.

GPS Locator

Location based sample tracking. Optional for use with a smartphone.

Temperature Sensors

Measures the temperatures of the samples.

UV Light

Illuminates the sample to detect mold and other hidden stains on the surface.

Humidity Sensor

Measures the humidity of the sample.

Backup Charger

Charge your electric devices.
*Available in future versions