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Vision & Philosophy


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CDx’s vision is to provide the technology that will empower everyone to be able to Trust and Verify™ everything that is put into their body.


Together with our technology partners, CDx hopes to contribute to a world where everyone has the ability to enjoy a safe and healthy lifestyle.  Our technology can broker a better understanding amongst manufacturers, distributors, consumers and regulators, so that there is transparency in what our body consumes.

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The CDx Team

CDx is a science & technology company based in La Jolla, California.  Our aim is to provide anyone and everyone with a practical and affordable way to Trust and Verify™ what they are putting into their bodies.

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Business Risk Factors

CDx’s operations and financial results are subject to various risks and uncertainties due to various legal uncertainties that could significantly affect investor judgment.  The following statements include matters that may not necessarily fall under such significant risks but are deemed important enough for investors to judge from a standpoint of affirmative disclosure.

Descriptions about the future in the following are based on what CDx recognizes as of November 11, 2014

  • Legal status of Marijuana The total amount of states in the US that has legalize the use of marijuana either for recreational or medicinal purposes has increased over the years.  However in states that has not decriminalized the use and possession of marijuana, we are unable to distribute our MyDx™ Analyzer for Cannabis and CannaDx™ sensor to those states.  As we cannot control the laws and regulations in the states or countries we hope to market to, we can only wait to see if popular sentiment and legislation is able to free up potential markets for us.  Legal challenges to the legality of marijuana will continue in states that do not currently have laws protecting the safe usage of marijuana.  Consequently, our products may or may not be able to attain full market penetration until such legal challenges are ruled in favor of marijuana legalization.
  • Financing CDx has been actively procuring funds by way of venture capital and borrowing from financial institutions.  In the future, it may be necessary to procure additional financing to implement business and investment plans to expand manufacturing capabilities, acquire technology and service and repay debts.  It is possible that CDx may not be able to procure the required financing in a timely manner or may face worsening financial conditions due to fluctuations in the demand in the market or changes in financial policy regarding lending from financial institutions.

Corporate Governance

CDx recognizes that it is very important to ensure management efficiency, integrity, and transparency to continuously improve the corporate values that governs us.  We continually strive to establish effective management systems and implement measures with the aim of achieving an appropriate corporate governance system.

Independent Directors and Corporate Auditors

We appoint outside directors and corporate auditors with the proper experience and expertise to deal with management issues.  Our auditors have no conflicts of interest and can provide objective advice to improve upon our performance as well as our system of corporate governance.

Disclosure Policy

CDx discloses material information to the public in accordance to the regulations enacted by the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations system (NASDAQ) and other applicable laws and regulations.  We are committed to disclosing information which may affect investment decisions in a proactive and prompt manner.