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This is the main home view of the app. You can scroll the carousel to the left or right to switch between the CannaDx, OrganaDx, AquaDx, and AeroDx Applications.  Once you are in the right application, click on either ANALYZE, MyDATA or the Carousel Button to navigate to key areas.

Be sure to start saving your tested strains in your MyDxProfile.  You can access your profile by clicking MyData.



Application Note 1. Learn how to reveal THCa and CBDa values and the new MyDx HPLC Database.  How the myAlgorithm feature works.   Learn about the Sharing Features.

Application Note 2. Learn how MyDx Now Predicts a Feeling. How to find Similar Strains in community of MyData.  How to Brand and Promote your strains.

Application Note 3. See CannaDx crowdsourced data at work.  Listen to founder on his vision for CannaDx.


1. How can I access an HPLC profile of my test run?

For the first test, it automatically GC Reference DB. To access the HPLC breakdown, you have to save, load the sample tested, click update results, and you will see the HPLC interpretation of your MyDx Sensor response.


2. Can the MyDx Analyzer with CannaDx sensor be used to analyze oils, concentrates, edibles, etc? 

At this time, the CannaDx sensor is only designed to analyze DRY Cannabis Flower. We plan to test oils for residual solvents and other chemicals are considering oils, etc. in a future release. We are also working on an application to help growers know when to harvest by testing wet cannabis flower. In the meantime, PLEASE DO NOT TEST ANYTHING OTHER THAN DRY CANNABIS FLOWER or MYDX CERTIFIED SAMPLES OR YOU MAY DETERIORATE YOUR SENSOR ELEMENTS AND VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

3. I am concerned about my results; I compared the strain I ran with a GC and they aren’t very close. Am I doing something wrong?

The nature of cannabis testing is inherently variable as outlined in the MyDx White Paper. If you are concerned about results from your MyDx Analyzer, please contact Customer service at (800) 814-4550 and allow us to assist you and review your sensor response to ensure it is working properly.  We can do this remotely.  That said, it is important to understand that Results on cannabis flower testing do in fact very vary between specific labs for a similar strain and within the same plant itself. Given the inherent variability, we have narrowed and identified our goal & accuracy range for THC to be currently within a 20% variance of lab tests, with a system range of 14-24%. Please note that our our current system range for CBD is between 0-1%, we are looking to improve this over time.

4. iOS Users: Why can’t I email a PDF of my certificate?

To email PDF, you must be using Apple Mail software as your default mail application. You can also copy the image of the certificate using the copy feature and pasting it into any application on your phone.

5. I can’t seem to connect to the MyDx device, what am I doing wrong?

– Ensure Bluetooth is turned on.
– Ensure you tap “MyDx Signal Strength: XX” to sync to the device.
– Ensure the MyDx device is in a relatively high state of charge of 20% or more. If in a low charge state, the Bluetooth may not be able to sync or the Pump will not turn on.


6. What devices does the CannaDx app work with?

Currently the app is compatible with iOS 5 and above and most Android devices with Bluetooth LE. Some Android devices are not compatible. Please contact us to let us know if your device is not compatible.

7. What do each of the terpenes and Cannabinoids do?

Please See the MyDx White Paper for some of the listed effects and to learn about the Entourage Effect.


8. Can I reuse the sample inserts after running a test?

We do not recommend reusing a sample insert that had cannabis in it. Any residue from the previously tested sample may affect results.

9. How long does the CannaDx sensor last?

Your sensor comes with a 6 month warranty and can be used for at least 300 tests. You can may check sensor performance by calling contacting Customer Service at (800) 814-4550.

10. When are the other sensors going to be released? 

Please stay tuned to company announcements for launch date of our next product(s). You can subscribe to our Stay Updated list as well.

11. What kind of pesticides is the OrganaDx sensor going to detect?

Please see a full list of chemicals OrganaDx tests for Here.

12. When I get the sensors that haven’t been released yet, are they compatible with the current MyDx analyzer?

Based on current R&D, we expect our future sensor(s) to be compatible with the current MyDx platform.

13. How can I get a Online Doctor Evaluation to get a prescription for Cannabis?

MyDx customers can get online evaluations at  New Evaluations are $100.  Renewals are $50.  MyDx Customers receive a 20% discount if they use CODE: “MYDX”.