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Have you put in your pre-order for the MyDx ECOSmartPen?

Why not?!

The ECOSmartPen is the most innovative, smartest vape pen on the market today, and the vape market is the highest grossing segment of the cannabis industry – so you know there’s a lot of competition.

You may not be able to trust or verify what is in your vaporizer from everyone, but with MyDx, you are assured of exactly what is in your cannabis. Not only do we offer the CannaDx cannabis flower analyzer to give you exact chemical profiles of different cannabis strains, but we have the world’s largest database of user-driven information and chemical profiles of cannabis formulations.

In addition to the already impressive child safety lock and dosage tracking capabilities of our vape pen and accompanying application, MyDx is able to analyze multiple strains and formulations to know exactly what is in the ECOSmartPen-compatible oil cartridges, which allows you to know exactly what to expect.

Here are three flavors which will be available soon with the ECOSmartPen!

Game Time

Game Time is an orange crush flavor which provides an energy boost, whether you’re about to work out or want to perk up. It is formulated to give you smoother and more focused mental clarity and elevates your metabolic rate to assist with natural weight loss and fat burning.

Bounce Back

Bounce Back is a smooth blueberry flavor made to help restore your energy, allow for faster muscle repair, and reduce pain and soreness in your muscles. It was designed to reduce recovery time in between training or working out and to help you see improvements faster.

Off Day

Off Day is a mint flavor, formulated to help naturally relax your muscles, whether you are an athlete on a rest day between workout, a person with muscle pain and soreness, or simply wanting a minty relaxing afternoon.

This chemical formulation reduces inflammation and pain, specifically muscle inflammation and soreness.

As more testing is complete and more cannabis brands become aware of our revolutionary ECOSmartPen, more and more branded cartridges will become available across the world.

So, have you pre-ordered your ECOSmartPen yet?

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